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Zephyr Pyramid Under-Cabinet Hood

Zephyr Pyramid Under-Cabinet Hood


Classic, architectural lines meet at an apex to energize the familiar look of the chimney style under-cabinet hood. This expressive-yet-utilitarian design is upgraded with our Perimeter Aspiration System for the ultimate fusion of style and performance. Dual-level LumiLight LED lights illuminate the surface below while the 12″ depth ensures a true fit with popular cabinet styles.




  • Perimeter Aspiration System
  • LumiLight LED Lighting
  • Dual-Level Lighting
  • Aluminum Mesh Filters
  • Mechanical Slide Controls
  • Blower Included


*Mounting Height Range- 24” - 32”




  • These models may require additional accessories for installation. Call for pricing.
This product is ordered from the manufacturer and will ship to Oklahoma on Thursdays