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Safe Appliance Products for a Better You.

At Appliance Near Me, we are deeply committed to promoting a conscious and healthy lifestyle for our customers. We understand that the choices we make about the products we use in our homes can have a significant impact on our well-being. That's why we take great care in selecting and offering appliance products that prioritize the quality of ingredients and materials used in their construction. Whether it's cookware for preparing wholesome meals, or plant based products for your dishes and clothes, we prioritize products that are designed with your health and safety in mind. Our dedication to conscious consumption extends beyond the products we sell; we also provide valuable information and guidance to help our customers make informed choices about the items they bring into their homes. We believe that a conscious approach to the ingredients and products we put on and in our bodies is a key element of a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.

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Norwex: A Healthier Way

Improving quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes.

Norwex is a company that focuses on providing environmentally friendly and sustainable cleaning and personal care products. Their mission is centered around reducing the use of harmful chemicals and promoting cleaner and healthier living environments. Norwex offers a range of innovative cleaning tools and products, such as microfiber cloths and mop systems, designed to clean effectively without the need for traditional chemical cleaners. They are known for their commitment to environmental responsibility and product safety, emphasizing the importance of reducing waste and minimizing the environmental impact of household cleaning. Norwex also prioritizes ingredient transparency and ethical sourcing in their product development. Overall, Norwex is all about creating a safer, greener, and more sustainable approach to cleaning and personal care.

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Got a clean ingredient product that you love? We want to know about it!

At Appliance Near Me, our commitment to improvement isn't limited to our business; it extends into our personal lives as well. We endorse the products we recommend because we use them ourselves and have thoroughly researched their quality and effectiveness.

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Youngevity: Living Healthier Starts Here

To live your best life, you need 90 Essential Nutrients Everyday!

Youngevity, established in 1997 by Dr. Joel D. Wallach and Ma Lan, is a company specializing in a comprehensive array of health and wellness products, including personal care items and nutritional supplements. The company's core mission revolves around the promotion of robust health and the cultivation of vibrant lifestyles through the provision of high-quality products and educational resources. Youngevity's product lineup encompasses a diverse range, featuring essential oils, laundry detergents, cleansers, disinfectants, dietary supplements, mineral-based cosmetics, coffee, and various other items tailored for health and well-being. A distinguishing feature of Youngevity is its unwavering commitment to clean and wholesome ingredients in its product offerings. Dr. Wallach, a veterinarian and naturopathic physician, advocates the idea that many health issues stem from mineral deficiencies within the body.

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